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We believe that newsletters are the best thing that is happening to the internet right now. 


When they are publications in their own right, instead of adverts-in-disguise that belong in our spam folder, they provide moments of focus, clarity and honesty in a digital life that is too crowded with manipulation, conflict and all sorts of lunacy.  

Unfortunately they're the internet's best kept secret, so we thought we'd give them a home where everyone can discover the most interesting voices across all genres.

This is Inyourinbox.

For comments, tips and any form of commendation, please email us at hello [at] inyourinbox [dot] com

If you're a Nigerian prince with a liquidity problem, please also email us hello [at] inyourinbox [dot] com

If you're a fan of Calibri, we have nothing to talk about.

  • Why can't I see that hugely popular newsletter from that uber-celeb?
    If it's not here, either we haven't heard about it or it doesn't meet our editorial standards. (Even if we all loved Sliding Doors)
  • You have editorial standards?! I thought the internet was a free-for-all!
    It mostly is, and that's a problem. We're doing our part to fix it, so we have standards. We will only feature newsletters that are: 1. Truthful: facts must be accurately portrayed, opinions must be intellectually honest 2. Interesting: if they're not worthy of your time, they're not worthy of ours 3. Not typed in Calibri
  • What's the deal with Calibri?
    It's the typeface equivalent of Crocs.
  • What do you do with my data?
    Honestly, nothing fancy. If you give us your email address, we'll get in touch when we have something worth your time. We may try doing something more sophisticated in the future, but we can say this: whatever we'll one day do, we'll ask you first. The grown-ups in the room also asked us to tell you that we're GDPR compliant, so here you go.
  • Do people really read FAQs?
    You'd be surprised.
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