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100% solid, researched and inspiring thoughts on making things people want.

0% disruptive growth-hacking to think outside the box with Millennials.

(Many more than) 5 interesting things every Friday (more or less), published by James Whatley. 

Don't miss it. Just don't.

Five things on Friday

Inspiring , awesome and fun links that will make you, if nothing else, a more interesting dinner date.

Curated by Rosie and Faris Yakob.

Strands of Genius

A newsletter in equal parts thoughtful and grumpy by Bob Hoffman, author of Bad Men  and The Ad Contrarian blog, and a welcome enemy of marketing BS.

The Ad Contrarian

Depending on how you look at it, the most popular marketer who draws cartoons, or the most popular cartoonist who draws marketing.

Either way, great stuff.


A weekly newsletter full of curated digital goodness by Neil Perkin, author of "Building the agile business" and the brain and hands behind Google's Firestarters

Only Dead Fish

What's hot each week in the world of brands, commercial creativity and platform from Contagious' Michael Litman, former founder of Burst and BrandsOnVine.




Mike's Industry View

A weekly newsletter about philosophy and marketing strategy. Each email gives you a philosophical idea, with its implications for strategists, and an interview with a marketer about their philosophy.


Salmon Theory

Ideas take practice. So do you.

Mark Pollard's Sweathead is dedicated to helping you improve how you do strategy and ideas, how you write and how you work your way to clarity and simplicity.

Marketing 1.png

Dan Siegel's monthly newsletter about digital strategy, packed with interesting reading that is not really about it, but it really is.

Summing Up
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