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Everything about hardware and software that

doesn't yet work well enough to be taken for granted.


A breakdown of the most important story in technology this week and a collection of long reads from Owen Williams, in a newsletter that reaches the top names in tech.

Product Hunt

A daily digest of the best of Product Hunt, the global community where new products are discovered and build a following.

The Smashing

Twice a month, useful tips, tricks and resources for designers and developers by The Smashing Magazine.

Above Avalon

Neil Cybart's daily emails about Apple from a Wall Street and Silicon Valley perspective, providing unique insights into how Cupertino thinks about the world.

Things that have caught my attention

All sort of interesting stuff from Dan Hon, Director of Content at Code for America.

Things That Have Caught My Attention

Startup Digest

A personalized insider newsletter for all things startup, with dedicated editions for tens of cities around the world. 

The calendar of events you need, automatically updated.


Published by Sacha Greif,  Sidebar brings you the 5 best design links every day, covering digital design, UX, product development and more.

One Month Skill

Get daily emails to learn a subject for free in a month. Courses include Product Management, Product Design, Analytics and iOS. 

one month skill

Benedict Evans

Every Sunday, the most interesting stories and links and the new blog posts from Andreessen Horowitz's digital strategist Benedict Evans.

Benedict Evans

The Thoughtful Net

A curated selection of great writing about the internet and technology, culture, information, society, science, and philosophy.

Published more than monthly, less than weekly. 

The Thoughtful Net

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AngelList Weekly

The best of the startup world, curated weekly, from the premier community for investors and start-up entrepreneurs. 

The Interface

A daily column by Casey Newton about Facebook, social networks and democracy. We can't think of a more important topic to understand our recent past and immediate future.

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the interface logo.png
Web Curios

Set some serious time aside for Matt Muir's weekly digest of all things interesting from around the web.

If something is not there, it's not worth knowing about.

Web Curios



Weekly stories about how technology transforms society. Also goes on about hybrids, cities, systemic stuff, design and printed things.

All the good stuff.

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Azeem Azhar's wondermissive on technology, business and society.

Kevin Kelly says "it's the juiciest source he knows for what's new in the world of the near future", and who are we to doubt him?

Exponential View
Tech 1.png

From technology advisors HERE/FORTH, a weekly newsletter with an attitude: expect not just updates on tech old and new, but clever DOs and DON'Ts and the occasional offer.

Platform Land

From Richard Pope, senior fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, a newsletter on digital platforms and how they're changing government and society.


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